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Online Backup Page-"Backup Now" and "Settings" are unavailable

When I log onto my Norton online backup page, the "Backup Now" and "Settings" buttons are disabled/unavailable. I have activated my online backup and don't know why this is occuring. It might have something to do with the fact that every time my computer does run a backup, it says I need additional storage. I would like to set it to just replacing the files in my online backup storage each time it runs, rather than adding to it. I would manually delete the files myself, but the "Settings" button is disabled/unavailable. Do I need the settings button to be able to delete files in my online storage space, or is there another way of doing it? So, either I need the "Settings" button to either set up the replacement of files in my online storage or manually delete files to backup new ones to the storage, meaning I need to figure out how to activate my "Settings" button, or I don't need the "Settings" button at all (and dont' need to activate it) to do either of those things and there is another way to do either of them. I would prefer setting it up to just replace the files in my online storage.