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Online Backup Renewal

I think that Norton should fix their problems with the online backup program and give subscribers extensions on their subscriptions. Because mine is going to run out and I am very leary on renewing because of all the problems it has. I lost a power supply on my old laptop and when I got a new laptop, I tried to get files and what a joke. I could have walked around the world faster than getting my files back!! And from what I've seen, they know they have a big problem with this service. And I've seen that Dell must use the same service and is just as bad. All I want is a reliable program that you can get files back in a reasonable amount of time and not waiting a year to get all your files back.



Re: Online Backup Renewal


See the post on how restores work and why it can take awhile. Besides the time factorwere you having a specific issue restoring?

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