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Online Backup Still Not Working

I'm running Norton 360 Premier Edition on my HP Pavilion (Windows 7). The manual online backup hasn't worked for over a week now and I'm starting to get worried.

Is it my system or is Norton having issues with it's online backup system / servers?

I ran a backup to DVD which worked fine, but no such luck with the online backup feature.

Also, I have heaps of online space available (over 19 gig).

Any help?



Re: Online Backup Still Not Working

To add to this, I got an error message after trying to run the last manual online backup:

"An error has occurred with Norton 360 Premier Edition. Error 8702,536872940


Re: Online Backup Still Not Working

Hello Oakwell

That error means there is a duplicate request processing and it has to cancel the prior one before a new one can start. If you started and then cancelled a large restore job prior to starting the backup it would explain the error. If you start a backup now does the error persist?

If yes, have you contacted support for further research on the matter at https://www.norton.com/chat

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