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"only secure content displayed shown" message ?

Apparently there are many many pages in the forum area have both secure and non secured sources code within them.   When I load these pages from the forum I get from ever one of these pages a pop up that says " "only secure content displayed shown" message" (as happens in IEEE 9 or later per microsoft).    As I do NOT want to change my global settings to allow unsecured info into my IE (as it's a pain and more importantly I may not remember to change it back and have venerability issues .... :-(    I must either wait for the window to time out or click the selection box.    Microsoft says this is a page coding issue .....

Am I missing something here ???   It's just painful to search / browse and load /reload pages in the forums ...




Re: "only secure content displayed shown" message ?

That's really weird.  Community.norton.com does not support encryption, so I'm wondering what it might be that is triggering the IE alert.  If the browser will only display secure content, you would not see the forum pages - so what do you see?


Re: "only secure content displayed shown" message ?

This page of the forum does load OK ....   However this page;


loads like this ..... (snip of top of page ...)


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    ================== No Graphics shown ...... above .. that's the way it loads ... From this point down to the page footer (the footer is messedup to ...) looks as a normal page on the forum ....
Accepted Solution

Re: "only secure content displayed shown" message ?

I have verified that IE does give this alert when you visit that page.  Why are you going to an https address, rather than http?  Are you forcing SSL for all sites?  If you go to http://community.norton.com you should not have this issue.


Re: "only secure content displayed shown" message ?

Thanks for looking .....

The page I gave you that link to is for a current problem NIS is fixing and is affecting many (me too) .....So I'm checking that particular page/thread often and have to fight the error each time I load this thread/pages.    As I said not all NIS Forum pages do this - for example THIS web page is fine.  

I believe that the problem pages are due to the fact the web pages that this happens on are calling info (i.e., images and standardized format stuff for the pages) from non httpS (secure) pages ....  the IE 9 and above browsers see this and say  ...hey wait a minute ...some of the page info you want is not being transferred secure so do not load unless the user says so ... 

My http  knowledge is limited here  .. but I think the affected pages can be found with the web host software and the non secure source pages changed / relinked to httpS pages .....

I posted this issue to see if ;

1.)  I'm looking at this correctly and it's not something on my end (without reducing the security of my browser),

2.) if Norton forum persons are aware of it

3.) Any possible solution on the Forum side   or a change I can make that will not globally affect my web security settings for all pages ....

For Most internet web in general "Most" pages on reputable sites I see are fine ....   but a few have this problem.  Also,  When this does happen - and the IE does not load all the non secure stuff - the scripts and buttons and links can be affected as well so so of the web page scripts,buttons and links  just act like its dead (or worse).

 As I mentioned earlier Msoft says is from the way the web page is layed out / written  .....


Re: "only secure content displayed shown" message ?

How I got to a "secure" http is unknown....  I got there through the forums and the bookmaked the page ...    I try as you suggest and reply if I thisll have issues, ...  THANKS


Re: "only secure content displayed shown" message ?

Try clearing your browser cache and flushing the DNS cache (rebooting the PC will accomplish the DNS flush if you are unfamiliar with the command line).  I am not sure why some pages on community.norton.com are being accessed as https (secure) pages - which is what is causing the alert.  Unless you specify using https instead of http, all pages should be completely unencrypted and you should not get a mixed content notice from IE.  I think once you clear the browser history and DNS cache, the problem may go away.

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