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"Open file block"

Good morning, afternoon evening, depends on your time :) I have a one question.

I'm confused with one alert. It's "unauthorized access blocked (open file)"

C/WINDOWS/EXPLORER and target C/Programdata/Norton/....../Product

Because severity is medium I asked my friends about it, but no answer. No action required but always better ask and sleep well :) Is it harmful for my pc or norton product?

Hope you can help me with my question :) cheers 


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Re: "Open file block"

The Unauthorized Access Blocked messages in your security history are logged by Norton Product Tamper Protection every time an executable file attempts to read/write/edit/delete a Norton file.  Common Windows processes like svchost.exe, taskmgr.exe, dfrgntfs.exe, etc. as well as any executable from third-party software like CCleaner and Malwarebytes Anti-Malware will cause one of these Unauthorized Access Blocked messages to be logged if they touch a file from your Norton installation. Please see post <here> in the Product Suggestions board regarding logging of these blocks. (credit Imacri)

Norton Product Tamper Protection prevents outside programs from making changes to the Norton product.  Norton Product Tamper Protection protects your Norton product from an attack or modification by any virus or other unknown threat. Norton Product Tamper Protection view in the Security History window displays details about unauthorized attempts to modify Norton processes.  Unauthorized access blocked (Access Process Data).  NPTP events are not reports of malware.

The most common NPTP log entries are legitimate Windows processes that Norton is preventing from accessing Norton files or processes.  Norton is simply maintaining a secure isolation from other processes running on your system.  (credit Community)


Re: "Open file block"

Thanks for the informations ,really appreciate it :)

Before I mark this answer as a solution one more thing. You said "Norton Product Tamper Protection protects your Norton product from an attack or modification by any virus or other unknown threat". I heard some malwares trying to fake programs with the same name like the trusted programs. Explorer should be legit program, but is there any possibility that "explorer" block  is malware?


Re: "Open file block"

Norton Product Tamper Protection events are logged primarily so that if Norton's blocking action breaks an offending application, it will be discoverable.  Some poorly written programs will crash if prevented from accessing Norton, and users would have no easy way of determining the cause of the problem if not for the Norton log entries corresponding to the time of the crash. 
Remember: if there is something serious going on that requires user action, Norton will alert you with a pop-up.  Otherwise, Norton handles routine matters like tamper prevention and logs them for reference. (credit SOJ)

They are log entries of Norton actions, in this case, preventing a Windows process from accessing Norton process data.  This is a normal function that prevents any outside agent, even Windows, from interfering with Norton. (credit SOJ)

Perhaps, review > https://community.norton.com/en/forums/wmiprvseexe

Or, perhaps Chat with Official Norton Support if you suspect malware.


Re: "Open file block"

Thanks for help :)

I gonna mark your first answer as a solution so other people with similar question can see it.

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