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Outlook-to-Chrome links not responding at all

I recently installed 360 here on my new computer.  I'm using Chrome and the set-up of Norton installed their apps to the browser... Windows 10, btw.

When I click on links in emails in my Outlook (not 365, but rather I'm using stand-alone), nothing happens.  Not even error messages.

When I swapped the default browser to IE, it worked just fine.  Then I swapped it back to Chrome and it went back to not doing anything.  I removed the Norton extensions altogether from Chrome (there are basically no settings that I could find in them, so that was my only option), now Outlook is back to opening them in Chrome with no problem.

So the choice for me is down to these:

1) Remove the Norton extensions from Chrome altogether (which is where I am now), which kind of defeats the purpose, no?  Or,

2) Use IE, which sucks and I don't want to do.

I've pretty much ruled out that it's a problem with Outlook (as neither of the solutions I've identified so far have anything to do with Outlook), but if anybody knows settings THERE that may help, I'd appreciate it.

Otherwise, how do you configure Norton while using Chrome that'll still allow you to click on links from an email in Outlook?




Re: Outlook-to-Chrome links not responding at all


Are you using the latest version of Chrome and is the extension enabled? Have you done all of the Windows updates? Is Chrome set up to be your default browser? My Outlook recently had a lot of changes. I have Office 2019 so I don't know how different your version of Outlook is. Try restarting your computer a few  times so that all the programs get settled into your computer. Make sure you get your extensions from the Chrome store. If there was a trial of any security program, then uninstall it with the uninstaller that belongs to that other security program.

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Re: Outlook-to-Chrome links not responding at all

HI Nicholas Z,

It would be helpful, if you can please let us know which Norton Extension you had installed on Chrome while you faced this issue ?

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