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Is there a package for 2 PC's (WINDOWS), 1 (Mac), 1 (Android Phone), 1(iphone6) ?

I would want this package for my next renewal, once my subscription for my current package is over.

I'm currently using the one which supports 3 pc's and a mobile. I have just changed to an Android phone (Huawei), because ever since I updated to iOS10, my phone keeps shutting done by itself. I sent it to Apple Service Centre, they told me to change the battery which was costly, I barely used my iphone for 14 months. I read there is an update to resolve the issue yesterday, but after getting my phone back without changing the battery, I tried to charge my iphone but it couldn't charge!!. When I sent it to the Apple Service Centre is was ok, except with the shutting down issue. So disappointed with Apple.

Please advise. Thanks 


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Re: Packages

Hi trensa,

Please check this one: Norton Security Deluxe.

You can use this version up to 5 devices (Win, Mac, Android and iOS).

Please let us know the results.

Windows 10 Hungarian, Norton Internet Security v22.9.0.71

Re: Packages

Hi Papuz,

Thanks so much, might upgrade to the Premium one, as my kids are starting to use computer, tabs and phones.

Another product that interest me is the VPN. My country blocks certain websites that criticizes the Government. I need to find out whether it can be installed in mobiles as well. I have been looking for VPN's for a while , tried a few (trial versions), but they were slow. 

I didn't know Norton had a variety of products, interesting.

The reason I have been active, is because, I got a case of browser hijacking. It was bad. However Norton managed to minimise the problem. I panicked and bought malware programs (iobit) to try to resolve it. But it didn't work as well as I thought it would.

I got the nasty 'query router virus' and its not fully resolved. I think Norton is working on it. Feedback have been sent to them. Its not fully fixed, but the number of unexpected websites popping out of nowhere has reduced. I checked if I have accidently dl any programs of late. But my systems says no.

That's why I have been scanning my computer relentlessly for the past 2 days, trying to get rid of it.

Any advise??



Re: Packages

Hi trensa,

For the "better" virus removal please try to boot into Windows' Safe Mode, and run the Full System Scan inside that mode. Also you can try to run the Norton Power Eraser tool. It is available from your Norton security solution's Scans window, or you can download from here: https://security.symantec.com/nbrt/npe.aspx

About the Norton VPN I unfortunately cannot give you any adivse. I do not use it myself...


Windows 10 Hungarian, Norton Internet Security v22.9.0.71

Re: Packages

Hi trensa

Norton Wifi Privacy is now available for most devices. See information here  https://norton.com/wifi-privacy

I have just installed it so do not have much feedback yet. It appears to be working well.

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

Re: Packages

Hello trensa

Please check your local Norton site for available products and what they contain. For example, Norton Security Deluxe can include different number of devices and types. You can also get the information by having either a computer chat or a phone call with customer Support..



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