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This forum thread needs a solution.
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Password change in Password Manager

I have to say Norton might be great in many respects but is also complete rubbish in others. I have just spent over two hours in total trying to solve a problem with the VPN with the only solution provided to turn it off - what a great investment .

I then wanted to change the password for my Password Manager and followed instructions I found here on the website. Apparently, it worked - only, it didn't. Not only does the PM that is on my laptop still have the old one,

  1. I cannot change the password from the laptop
  2. now I cannot get into the PM from within my account either (because I have the 'wrong password') - neither the old nor the new one work

Does anyone know what the hell is going on and ideally have a solution for this?


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Re: Password change in Password Manager

I'm not on a laptop but, I have same problem. I tried in my personal info also.

It keeps asking for current password but, It will not accept any that I have.

I can still get in to Norton but, I believe others can also


Re: Password change in Password Manager

Hi Herr Manni,

Sorry for the issue you are facing.

I assume you should have triggered the "Auto-Change" feature offered for a Login from the Safety Dash board UI. (displayed in the below Screenshot)

Post successful Auto-change of the login password, you are not able to Login into the site with both old and new password, Please correct me if I am wrong?

Can you open "Safety Dashboard" UI again ->  click on "Archived" Section marked above -> Try to find a Login with the same URL with the Naming convention <websitename> Autochange Fail <Date Time>.

For ex- assume you had triggered Auto change password for a "login.norton.com" and it has failed, then you should see a 

login under "Archived" section with your new password in the naming convention "login.norton.com AutoChange Fail 7/17/2018/4:45:8"

Can you please try to login into the site with the password from the above login and check whether it works.


Re: Password change in Password Manager

Thank you for the advice. However, the Safety Dashboard only seems to be accessible via the icon in my browser. That in turn only offers me the log-in at the moment, which doesn't work, of course.


Re: Password change in Password Manager

Herr Mani, can you please try and report out:

1) list browser you are using and go to the web portal for Norton Password Manager: https://my.norton.com/extspa/idsafe

2) Enter your Norton Account email + password - does that work or is this the area where old vs. new passwords are giving you problems?

3) when it asks for vault password in Unlock your vault - check password hint - is it the hint from your old vault password or new one?  

4) try carefully typing the old vault PW - does it work?

5) try again with new vault PW - does it work?

Note down the date/time that you did steps 4 and 5- if you are still stuck we can contact you for more information to help us look at some server logs to better understand the details of the errors you are seeing.


Matt Powers
Symantec Corp.


Re: Password change in Password Manager

My apologies for the delay in replying. Life took over I'm afraid.

  1. I'm not quite sure what 'list browser' means. Just in case, I am using Firefox but in Edge it didn't work either.
  2. I could log in without problems but that is the area that poses the problem, as it then won't accept my password - either the new one or the old one ==> what is worse, I have now lost the piece of paper the new one was on and I cannot remember it, but then again when I tried it before (3 or 4 times) it didn't work anyway
    1. But I can still log into the Password Manager here on my computer with the old password
  3. I use random sequences, hence no hints
  4. see above
  5. see above
  6. Well, I have tried just now so that would be 12:42 (GMT) on April, 3rd

Thanks for your offer to follow up

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