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password manager

How do I reset/delete password Manager online vault?



Re: password manager

If you want to reset your online vault to start over, see the information here.  

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

Re: password manager

I'm on a Mac and having the same problem.  The information on the website appears to be tailored to PC.  I have logged into my vault in Safari as per the online instructions, followed the written procedures AND the procedure in the video.  1. There is no Settings icon (gear) anywhere on the page. The only Settings icons are on individual passwords; is there not a way to delete the Vault entirely with one click??  2. Logging in with incorrect password in order to "force" a delete error message did not work.  I tried 10 times with no error message popping up.

All Norton apps and extensions have been uninstalled from my Mac. The final step (canceling my renewal) is to delete my password vault data from the Norton Cloud.  I contacted chat support, was set up with a call back from Mac support, received the call back within 30 minutes, got transferred to a Mac person but hung up the phone now, after being on hold for 1 hour and 18 minutes.  You'd that with the lack of online info for Mac users, they'd beef up the Mac phone/chat support . . . 

Anyway, appreciate any help from anyone!  Goal: Delete personal Vault entirely from Norton Cloud.


Re: password manager

 2. Logging in with incorrect password in order to "force" a delete error message did not work.  I tried 10 times with no error message popping up.

This is something that was fixed in the Windows version. The instructions just say to enter the incorrect password 3 times to get the reset option. What we found was that you needed to enter three different incorrect passwords to get the reset option. See if that helps.

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

Re: password manager

thanks for the info, but yes, I entered different incorrect passwords each time. I went through and deleted each password entry one by one, since that was the only option available. Very inefficient for hundreds of entries. My vault is now empty, but how do I delete it permanently?

Re: password manager

Are you getting to the Password Manager from your Norton Account at   https://my.norton.com  ?  I just tried from their from my PC and did not get any reset option after 5 different incorrect passwords. But when I tried from my Norton 360 product, I did get the prompt for the reset after 3 incorrect passwords.

I can pass this on to Norton.

In the mean time, if you can reinstall Norton for just long enough to try deleting your vault. Then you can delete Norton again.

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

Re: password manager

More problems:

I uninstalled my current security software and reinstalling Norton 360 from within my account page (to ensure I got the correct, updated product).  Went through the installation of app and Web Safe extension.  When clicked on Password Manager Set Up button in 360 main window, I got a pop up confirming successful install of Web Safe. Tried several times, no Password Manager info.

I just happened to notice "Official Norton Login" and "Norton Password Manager" as new entries in my browser favorites bar. This is not where I'd normally look for newly installed software, and there wasn't any note during 360 installation to even look there . . .  Anyway, that link opened a web page with buttons to install Norton Password manager > Get Norton Password Manager Extension.  That link took me to Apple's App Store > Safari Extension page.  There is NO Norton Pwd Mgr extension. See attached screen shot, sorted by name. (The pwd mgr that's there is not Norton's, it's by MaxSecure.)

I do still want to permanently delete the Vault on the cloud, through the Norton website.  I won't have access to the app since I'm not going to reinstall Norton again; including time on phone hold I've spent nearly 4 hours on this issue already.  Thank you for passing this on. I hope a solution is posted soon.  

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Accepted Solution
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Re: password manager

Hi RA_701,

Sorry for the issue you are facing.

Note - If you delete your vault, then you loose all your Logins/passwords, credit cards and other data which you had stored in your vault.

One alternate way to delete your vault is from Browser extensions.

You can install "Norton Password Manager" extension on other browser such as "Chrome/Firefox" and follow the below steps to delete your vault ->

  1. Install Norton Password Manager Extension from Chrome/Firefox browser. 

Chrome -> https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/norton-password-manager/admmjipmmciaobhojoghlmleefbicajg?hl=en

Firefox -> https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/norton-password-manager/

     2. After install, Click on Norton Password Manager Icon on the top-right corner of the browser.

     3. In the pop-up that appears, click Sign In button

     4. Sign in to your existing Norton Account which has the Online Vault

     5. In the Unlock your vault window, type your vault password and click Open vault.6.Click on Norton Password Manager extension icon again and click "Vault".

     6. In the Norton Password Manager window, click the  symbol to launch the Settings page.

    7. Click Delete Vault.

    8. In the Norton sign-in page, enter your login credentials and click Sign in.

    9. In the Delete vault page, click Yes, Delete vault.

Note -

2. From my.norton.com portal, you are not allowed to delete your vault 

3. On Safari, we recommend you to install Norton Safe Web Plus Mac App which offers both Norton Safe Web and Norton Password Manager for you (if you have the supported version of the Safari and Mac version), please check the below link for more information



Re: password manager

Thank you this worked.  

It would be very helpful if this information could be easily found under a section for (Mac) Support > Uninstall.  Everything I read when going through the uninstall procedure indicated that deleting the Vault would be the final step AFTER uninstalling the Norton 360 App and all extensions.  

To the contrary, deleting the Vault first would be more efficient since the extension in the browser is necessary.  I don't use Chrome and had to install it and the Norton Pwd Mgr extension to realize this solution.  This didn't take very long, but all challenges/frustration could have been avoided if my Safari browser had been left intact with the extension installed to begin with.

Thank you again for your attention and solution.

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