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This forum thread needs a solution.

Password Manager


Norton Password manager is no longer asking if I want to save login details when I log into a new website.

Been like that for quite a long while now.

Any help appreciated.

Win 10 64 bit - Latest Chrome Version 79.0.3945.130 - Norton 360



Re: Password Manager

Hi Pixma2,

Sorry for the issue you are facing. Can you please validate whether -

1. You already have your Vault Open when you expect Norton Password Manager to capture the Login ?

2. Click NPW extension button on top right corner of your browser -> Click "Vault" -> Click "Settings" Icon -> Can you please check

     "Ask" is selected under "Same my credentials when I log in to a website" 

3. Can you please share us the URLs/Website on which you faced this issue ?


Re: Password Manager

Hi viveksu,

Thanks for the reply,

My vault is open and Ask is selected under save my credentials.

It has not been working for a long time.

The last occasion was for URL https://www.next.co.uk/

I have to add a new login manually or rely on Chrome password manager

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