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This forum thread needs a solution.

Password Manager is corrupting the saved password on https://www.ameriprise.com/client-login/logout/

For several week or more, when I logon to https://www.ameriprise.com/client-login/logout/, Password Manager fills in the password correctly, but immediately asks if I want to replace my saved password for that site. If I say yes, the password is replaced with a string of asterisks (********). This is not the standard hidden password that you see when you first look at a login entry in Password Manager; if I click on the 'eye' icon to unhide the password, it remains *******.

I have tried deleting the login and recreating it, but the error continues. Until this get fixed, every time I login to this site I have to say 'No' to the prompt about saving the "new" password; in fact, I have to say no twice.

The Ameriprise web site is listed in the post below as having been fixed sometime last spring. Apparently, it is broken again. I am using Password Manager Firefox 63.0


Although I don't regularly use Internet Explorer, I tried logging on using that browser. Under IE, although it appeared that Password Manager properly filled in the userid and password, when I click "login", both fields are cleared and I get the error 'Please enter your userid and password'. If I enter them manually,I am able to login, but not with Password Manager.



Re: Password Manager is corrupting the saved password on https://www.ameriprise.com/client-login/logout/

I would suggest reporting that site to the NPM team again. There seems to have been some change made to the way that site handles logins.

From your browser, click on the ID Safe icon at the right of the browser address bar. Then be sure the vault is open. Then click the icon again, then on the 3 dots at the bottom right. Then click on Feedback and submit the web site information.

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

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