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Password Manager - Not prompted to save a new username & Password

Using Norton 360 Deluxe on Windows 10 and using Google Chrome as my browser - v80.0.3987.149 (64-bit)

When I visit a website that requires my username and password, Norton Password Manager lists my credentials for logging in.  I am able to select my credentials and this works fine.

However, when I enter my wife’s username and password, I was expected to get the prompt to save her username and password, but I did not get the prompt.  I was able to successfully login to the website usingher credentials.

Why am I not getting this prompt to save her credentials to the Password Manager vault?

Under Norton Password Manager settings…

  • The box for “Always require vault password before filling a login form” is not checked.
  • Set to "Ask" to save my credentials when I log in to a website.

I did notice a Chrome warning “Flash was blocked on this page” when on this login web-page.  If I change the setting to allow Flash to run, I’m not able to access the website, so I set it back to block Flash.

I also noticed on the Norton Website about "End of Support for Norton Password Manager Local vault in Google Chrome".  I believe I am using the “Online” vault. How can I tell if I am using "Online" or "Local" vault?