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Password Manager Opens in a New Browser Window

Clicking the Password Manager (PM) icon on the extensions bar opens PM in a new browser window (Edge).  That's a recurring problem and a nuisance.  I chatted with a tech several months ago about it.  The fix then, which was to uninstall, then reinstall PM (then Identity Safe), no longer works. 

Once PM initially opens, and I close the window, the vault is still accessible by clicking the icon.

How do I activate PW without it starting in a browser window?




Re: Password Manager Opens in a New Browser Window

Oops, I need to clarify something on my post.

Instead of saying "Once PM initially opens …", I should have said - 

"After closing the browser window, clicking the PM icon opens a popup of the vault with the first six items and a search area.  That's what used to happen, and what I want to have happen."

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Re: Password Manager Opens in a New Browser Window

What you describe sounds normal for the latest versions of browsers. Changes have been made by browser developers to the way they interact with extensions. 

As you are probably aware, you get logged out of your vault every time you close your browser. So when you restart your browser, you need to sign back into your vault. For Norton Password Manager to log you into your vault, it has to open a new window. Once you sign in, that window closes and the next time during that browsing session, when you click on the PM icon, you will get the list of logins you refer to.

Close the browser and you start this all over again.

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

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