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Password Manager passwords, wallet #s do not match

Using the online Password Manager, on some (but not all) of my passwords the copy password option from the dashboard DOES copy the correct password.  However, if I click on the tile for the same login and click the "eye" so the password shows, it displays my Password Manager password and NOT the password for that particular login.  I have several saved logins behaving this way.  There does not seem to be any pattern.  I am using up-to-date Chrome browser.

Another anomaly is a similar situation with a stored credit card in the wallet section of Password Manager.  If I click on wallet to show my saved account information, my credit card # DOES display in the xxx xxxx xxxx #### format where #### is the last 4 digits of the credit card.  If I click the "eye" next to that number, I see the entire credit card #.  However, if I click on that wallet entry so I can see all of the information for the credit card and click the "eye" under the card number entry, it displays my Password Manager password and NOT the account number for that credit card.

This is not a new development.  I have noticed these problems for the ~6 months I have used Password Manager.



Re: Password Manager passwords, wallet #s do not match


UPDATE - OK, so literally minutes after posting this thread I kept nosing around in Password Manager trying to find some kind of correlation between the login accounts that are experiencing the problem described above.  I clicked on the 3 horizontal dots [...] at the top-right corner of the Password Manager dashboard screen and there is a menu displayed.  There are 4 options: Password Generator, Sync Vault, Feedback, Close Vault.  I clicked "Sync Vault" and that seems to have solved the issue described above.  I will continue to monitor and update this post if that is not the case.

I would still like for someone from Norton or the community to comment / confirm what I have discussed here.

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