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Password managers may be vulnerable?

I wanted to get Norton's response to the following article that came out recently:  https://techxplore.com/news/2020-03-expose-vulnerabilities-password.html.



Re: Password managers may be vulnerable?

Hello Mike. There isn't anything to respond to concerning the article you linked to related to NPWM. This Norton article is the last official statement regarding its products. This CERT article shows the last information they have concerning Norton/Symantec having patched open CVE's concerning their products. You also may want to review this article as well. Please note the PWM is NOT listed.


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Re: Password managers may be vulnerable?

Yeah, all eggs are in 1 basket with any password manager. If someone gets the vault password or something (e.g. accidental approval of a dubious vault open request), they'll have access to everything there. 

(I don't work for Norton/Symantec)

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