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Password missing for Amex site login


I have begun to add site login info via my Identity Vault.  Have added 7 or so.  All work as expected, except for the login to American Express.

I am certain I have most recent versions of NIS and Win 10, and FF browser.

Symptoms are: No matter how I invoke the Amex URL, using https:\\, I get the NIS icon for the user ID box only.  NIS will autofill the correct user ID.  But, the password box is empty.  No NIS icon in sight.  Mouse clicking doesn't help. Space bar tap doesn't help. Bad words? No use.

I can enter the password manually, and that gets me into the site.

I've tried deleting the Amex entry and rebooting, and re-entering data.  No help.

I've run the NIS Diagnostic Report, all good.

At this point, this is the only site that's acting up!


Accepted Solution

Re: Password missing for Amex site login

Report the difficulty to Norton:

  • Go to the site you are having the problem with
  • Left click on Vault is Open
  • Select Options under Current Site
  • Select Report an issue with this site
  • Fill in the form that will open

Norton will look at the situation and see if they can remedy it - be patient for their response as it may take a few days.

We have seen this occur on some sites when they change the method of log-in.


Re: Password missing for Amex site login

Thx, Yank.  I'm so new I was not able to follow your suggestion of left click on Valut Open.  I did not see that when I was trying to access Amex.

BUT, thx to your suggestion I did look at the web page more carefully than usual.  And, I did find another (Amex) Login box.  Not in a spot where I would enter my data manually.

You guessed it....  Clicking on THAT Login box auto filled both my identity and password.  Now works every time! 

I guess you just have to do it their way, where ever there is.  Thx again for the pointer!


Re: Password missing for Amex site login

Glad you got it sorted nd for future reference, the "Vault is Open" I was referring to is located on the Norton Tool Bar:

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