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Password Vault

I forgot the password to access my Norton Vault. I know the ID, so is there a way to recover this password?



Re: Password Vault

@Edward O

You cannot retrieve your vault password. The only help is when you are prompted for your vault password, you can click on Show Hint.  If you still cannot remember your password, all you can do is reset the vault, which as you noted will delete the old vault. Then you should be able to restore your logins from backups that were made on your computer.

Please see the following link:


Just a small correction to the tutorial link - it states:
"To delete your Identity Safe vault, type in a wrong password three times, and then select click here."
What is actually required is:
To delete your Identity Safe vault, type in a different wrong  password three times, and then select click here.
Using the same incorrect password three times will not trigger the reset.

Hope the above info helps you get through recreating your vault with a new password.

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