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Hello to the Norton Community,

My question is how does Norton Password Manager work in conjunction with Norton Password Generator.

At the moment I am changing passwords of my logins within the vault of password manager, I first use a password generated using password generator then write it down and then go back to password manager and then edit the login in the vault.

Its rather long winded there must be an easier way but I can't find it, I have looked at the help information available. Please can you help?

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Re: Passwords


There was an excellent suggestion posted in the following link - perhaps you can add your support to that Product Improvement:


It is possible to generate a password in the generator and then use the Copy option and then go to the log-in and edit the password with a Paste.  In other words you can copy and paste passwords from the generator into the edit function of the log-in you are changing the password for.

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Re: Passwords


Perhaps the images below will show the sequence I am talking about in regards to the copy and paste method.

Use the copy function in Password Manager

Below is within the log-in entry you desire to change.

Hope this helps explain what I was referring to.

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