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Payment by means of Electronic Banking Transfer

Good evening:

My product is about to expire and I want to continue with the protection of Norton for 2 more years. When I made the purchase two years ago, it was by credit card, now I want to do it by electronic bank transfer and I need you to provide me the bank details to be able to do it from my country of origin. It would be possible for me to provide them directly to my email, because I do not want third parties to be able to get my data. I would like to know your answer as soon as I finish my contract in February.

Best regards. C.P. Victoria Barrera S.

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Re: Payment by means of Electronic Banking Transfer

Hello Maria. Please contact support as they can better answer that question for you.

Edited: This article states what you are asking IS possible, however you would still need to contact support to do the transaction. Hope this helps.


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