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This forum thread needs a solution.

Permanently Delete or Remove Norton Toolbar in Outlook

I’m running Norton Security 2016, Windows 7 and Outlook 2007.

I recently installed the latest version of Norton Security and, by default; it loads and displays a Norton Toolbar in my Outlook application. If I disable, remove and/or delete the toolbar from Outlook, it reappears once I close/open Outlook again.

I understand that if I disable the Norton Anti Span plug in, that the Norton toolbar will disappear.

However, I paid for and want Anti Spam enabled for my outlook, but I do not want or need a Norton Toolbar.

Thus, I want Norton Anti Spam and do NOT want a Norton Toolbar.

I was online with Norton chat for almost an hour before they admitted that they intentionally developed the product this way and it cannot be resolved.

Does anyone know of a way around this unethical and unprofessional feature?



Re: Permanently Delete or Remove Norton Toolbar in Outlook


It's called Norton Anti-Spam Toolbar. I don't use the Norton Anti-Spam with my Outlook 2013. I rather use the Outlook Junk Filter. I paid for Outlook which includes the Junk Filter so I have never seen the Toolbar you were referring to. I had to look up what it was as I haven't heard any complaints about it. Since that is the name of the Toolbar, it looks like it has to be there if you want Norton Anti-Spam on if using Outlook. My ISP doesn't use the default ports, so the scanning of emails doesn't do anything for me. I just keep the Anti-Spam turned off. The main thing I am interested in is for Norton to protect my computer.



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Re: Permanently Delete or Remove Norton Toolbar in Outlook

Thanks for the reply, but this doesn't solve my issue. 

I use outlook filters as well, but that isn't the same as a Anti Spam filter. 

As mentioned, I paid for the Anti Spam filter and did not give permission or ask Norton to automatically create a custom Outlook toolbar every single time I launch Outlook.

Just because you haven't heard of any complaints doesn't mean this doesn't exist.

Thanks for sharing your reasons for using Norton; however, they are not the same reasons as mine.


Re: Permanently Delete or Remove Norton Toolbar in Outlook

Does the Norton Anti Spam toolbar not have buttons to mark incorrectly flagged emails? I would think that you would need this function to help train the spam filter.

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

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