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Petya and Perfc.dat file

Internet is full of advice that Perfc.dat should be removed.    It is visible in several places on some of my fully protected PCs.   Is this correct that it should be removed ?



Re: Petya and Perfc.dat file

The internet is full of bad advice.  If your PCs are protected, there is no reason to mess with any files that you might not be knowledgeable about, or to succumb to hype about the latest ransomware.  If Windows is patched, you are running an up-to-date antivirus program, and you are not on a susceptible corporate network, you have little reason to worry.  Of course, you should always maintain backups of your system or important files on devices that are not connected to your PC, so that recovery is easy if you ever should encounter ransomware on your system.

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