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pop up ads from Norton- irritating if not unethical

Whats with the POP UP ADS and Norton trying to sell products?  This isn't the first time it's happened.

Seems unethical for a security company to do this, and its extremely irritating. Makes me want to discontinue using this product.

Picture shows one such example.

Whats the deal? and how do I stop it? It should not be occurring on any level.

I could see if the Norton product I were using was 'free' and this advertising paid for the product, but that's not the case.

Also, it doesn't matter that you can click "dont show this again", I have done that with other pop ups from Norton and it keeps happening. At that, it should not be occurring to begin with.

(Please no comments that "Lifelock is security product and Norton is security too thats why they did this". At that, an individual can do all that Lifelock does completely for free)

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Re: pop up ads from Norton- irritating if not unethical

Try going to the UI > Settings > Administrative settings > Notifications, and uncheck any you don't want.

Also, a good Ad Blocker like UBlock Origin or Adblock Plus will help stop many of these pop ups.

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