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Power Eraser error code 0x80045001 Windows 10

This error message, 0x80045001, occurs every time the computer starts up.

The solution has 3 steps. Ensure you are logged in with a user account that has administrator privileges.

1) Stop the Norton Power Eraser service. In Windows 10 look in Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Services.  Look for the service named "NPEService".  If it is running, stop it.

2) Using File Explorer, locate the boot drive for your computer. In most cases it is the C: drive. Locate the directory C:\NPE and delete the folder.

3) Using File Explorer, locate the directory C:\programdata\Norton\NPE.  Delete this directory.

Restart your computer and the error message does not appear.

This is the solution to thread https://community.norton.com/en/forums/power-eraser-error-code-0x80045001 and the solution was contained in thread https://community.norton.com/en/forums/norton-power-eraser-asking-login-... but it indicates the Accepted Solution but that does not include step 3.



Re: Power Eraser error code 0x80045001 Windows 10

Hello RMCS. This error is normally caused by Windows. If NPE is loading at boot time there is something corrupted with your install. On Windows 10 it is suggested to disable "fast startup" since having this enabled can cause corrupted software installs due to the system not releasing its memory when restarting. Here is how to disable that in settings. As you said, when you install you MUST be using an account with admin privileges.

My suggestion is remove and reinstall your product using the R&R tool from here. Using the tool select the advanced settings and perform a REMOVE ONLY. Having disabled fast startup the system will now get a clean uninstall. Reboot the system. Next log into your account for Norton and download your product. When installed run live updates until no more are available and reboot. Run live update a second time and reboot whether or not updates were installed. You should now have a clean functional install of your product.


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