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Power Eraser resolved issues with very slow PC

I have had problems for many months with Windows 10 being very slow after booting up.  High levels of disc activity and often taking over a minute to open an application.  I was unable to identify from Task Manager which application was responsible.  Having attempted many of the recommendations from various internet searches on speeding up Windows 10 with no improvement, I turned to Power Eraser as a last resort, having backed up my data first.  I was very pleasantly surprised to find the program ran smoothly and found an issue, which I then asked it to fix.  This has completely solved the problem with the slow PC.  My amateurish review of the log file indicated a problem with Microsoft OneDrive - possibly an update that had not gone well.  Well done Norton!



Re: Power Eraser resolved issues with very slow PC

Thank you for sharing your impressions of Power Eraser. It goes without saying that I will try it because I have the same problems with Windows 10.


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