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Pre-Release Norton Identity Safe extension for Firefox browser

Be among the first to experience the new Norton Identity Safe on your Firefox browser.

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we develop the next generation in online safety. A Pre-Release version of the “browser-independent" Norton Identity Safe is available for download. If you’re interested in testing the add-on for Firefox, download it now: Norton Identity Safe Add-on for Firefox Browser

Identity Safe with Firefox has been an ongoing issue and we apologize for the frustration you had to experience during this delay. Changes that Mozilla made to their Firefox browser forced us to completely redesign the Norton Identity Safe toolbar to make sure our customers get the best experience, and today the new browser-independent Norton Identity Safe product has reached the Pre-Release phase which brings back the much awaited Online-Vault feature.

Please note – this extension only provides partial support for Vault Logins. This extension will fill and capture Logins, but does not support viewing or editing Logins. We are evaluating future plans for Login support as well as additional Vault items like Addresses, Wallet, Notes, and Favorites.

Also, both the existing Identity Safe extension and this Pre-Release extension have the same name. They can exist and function side-by-side. In the next update to Norton Security, the new Identity Safe extension it will have the same name as in the Chrome extension (Norton Security Toolbar). But for now, they share the same name.

Additionally, Local Vault is not supported for this Pre-Release version of Identity Safe. This extension supports Firefox 48.0 and above.

Customers have reported the following issues with the Pre-Release Norton Identity Safe for Firefox. Our engineers are working to resolve these issues.

  • For some customers, logging into Norton Identity Safe Vault Login the first time, login is stuck at “Signing Into your account, Please wait” page.
  • ​​After logging in to Norton Identity safe Vault in Firefox,  and clicking “Open Vault” option, nothing happens. Thread1 Thread2

If you're experiencing either of the above issues, we recommend that you first try the following:

  1. Ensure you're running the latest available FF48. Older versions may not reliably support the WebExtensions API’s used by Norton Identity Safe.
  2. Perform a “Firefox refresh”. (WARNING: removes your extensions from your user profile. Your favorite extensions will need to be reinstalled)

If you have the Norton product installed, you will have two different extensions on Firefox for Norton Identity Safe.

  1. An extension for SafeSearch & SafeWeb
  2. An extension for Norton Identity Safe (Vault)

Visit the Norton Toolbar / Norton Identity Safe forum to post your questions or comments. If you are using the Pre-Release extension, please note which version you are running.

Please see Norton Support Article for more information on "What has changed in the Norton Identity Safe extension for Mozilla Firefox?"

Tony Weiss | Norton Forums Global Community Manager | Symantec Corporation