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Pre-Sales Questions

Hello, just a couple more quick questions before my 30 day trial ends and I purchase a license. I have been emailed an offer for the Premium edition with a 10 device license. The price seems nice but it comes with "Auto Renew". There is a good chance I may want to renew a year from now but it's also possible I may not. My question is how hard is it to "break" the Auto Renew feature in case I don't want to renew ? Is it a difficult process and I'll be charged anyway and have to dispute the charge or is it a simple process to not Renew and move on ? The answer will have some bearing on my decision to go with Norton or not. (I have a reason for asking as I've had issues with other vendors)

Also I have one computer that is still running WinXP I keep around just to play Modern Warfare 3. I understand that in June the XP version of Norton will be "feature frozen" for obvious reasons but will it still be worth installing just for the Firewall as that system does not surf the net (only connects for the Steam game client) and never checks emails ? Can I download the Norton installer on another computer then move it over by USB stick to install on the WinXP system ? Thanks in advance for any help.  


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Re: Pre-Sales Questions

After you install the new version you  can login to your Norton account and you can turn off Auto-Renewal with one click. You can also remove your billing information just to be safe. This should all be under MyNorton.

Yes you can download the installer to use on any PC you want.


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Re: Pre-Sales Questions

Hi MarcHoppe 55,

The following KB should provide an answer and additional info in regards to turning off Auto Renewal:


As Jim suggested, it is a good move to remove your credit card information after turning off the auto renewal.

More details  on the future of Norton on XP/Vista follows:


It appears you are already aware of this information, but is provided for other users who may not have seen it.


Re: Pre-Sales Questions

Thank you both that's exactly what I needed to know. Have a great day.

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