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Premium edition and the backup stuff


I currently have Norton Security Deluxe and it's up in a month's time. I'm thinking on buying the Premium edition for renewal as it's much better value for 10 devices than 5 in Deluxe; however, Premium comes with backup, which I wouldn't need or use so I just want to know does the backup stuff "get in the way" to any extent or can it be fully turned off and ignored?




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Re: Premium edition and the backup stuff

Hi David,

You can turn off the Backup feature and you won't be bothered by it at all:

Norton UI > Settings > Detailed Settings > Backup Settings.  In the Backup Settings window move the On/Off switch to Off, click Apply.


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Re: Premium edition and the backup stuff

Thanks for that, mind made up, 10 devices it is then...! 

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