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Printing Out Log-Ins

I'm trying to print out my log-ins from Identity Safe The post of 2/10/2012 isn't working. When I try to navigate to the folder i get sent to several choices none of which are what i need. The folder is C:/program files/Norton360/engine/5.0. Any help???


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Re: Printing Out Log-Ins

Hi 1hiplady,

Once logged into ID safe, click on the three dots on the Norton Toolbar, select open Identity Safe Settings > select the Import/Export Tab > Under Export Vault select Plain Text - CSV file under the File Format.  select Export > enter password if asked for it > select a location to Export to and then Save.

Once exported, navigate to where it was saved, open it with a text editor (I use Notepad) nd then you can print it out.

Please bear in mind this format is not encrypted and is viewable by anyone having access to where you saved it.

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