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Problem Getting site verified


This customer is unable to post in the Forum, so he has emailed me for help. I have copied his email to me.

Hi flopilot

Sorry to email you but for some reason I can not post in the forum even when registered.

Im trying to get my site for a client drmichele.com cleaned after I built a brand new site on Wordpress and Norton is still flagging it….

sorry to email but I’m lost here….

Craig Caruso

Hello Craig

Welcome to the Norton Community Forum

Please register the site with Safe Web


Please copy/paste the Meta Tag into the Source page near the top of the Home Page using plain text. There are instructions in the site I have posted. Your site will have to be verified and then evaluated.

Please let me know when you have posted the Meta Tag into the Source page. I can then have the Safe Web Team verify & evaluate the site. You just have to type into the Reply Box. When you have finished your post, just click on Save on the bottom. That will create your post to show up in the Forum.

Have a Good Night and




Success always occurs in private and failure in full view. Windows 10 Pro 64 bit 1903 Norton Core Security Plus Core Firmware 288 Android App 2.22 Chrome latest version.


Accepted Solution

Re: Problem Getting site verified

Hi floplot

The site 'drmichele.com' had been submitted for analysis and is currently rated green in safeweb.norton.com.



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