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This forum thread needs a solution.

Problem to install Norton


I have a Norton account which holds 5 more licenses to secure devices. However, when I try to install it ends with the following error: 

'The subscription with which you try to activate your product is not valid for your region. (2061)'

I Live in Belgium and bought Norton Security here, however I tried to install Norton on my new laptop when I was in Chicago. 

Can anyone help me out? 

Kind Regards, 



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Re: Problem to install Norton


I'm going to guess that trade agreements are in the way. Most Norton products are country specific and cannot be installed / activated in another country.

You might chat with customer service to see if there is a workaround available.


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Re: Problem to install Norton


This regionalization is a PITA for many who live internationally and has been reported to Norton Staff.

If you are technically able to do it I've read that using a VPN to place you in the country of purchase will enable  you to install it successfully.

I don't know if this would work if you are returning to Belgium soon but if you download the Norton Product does it not run for a short period (7 days or maybe longer?) as a trial without registration. But that might not work if you have had Norton installed before and your attempted installation may count since Norton does protect itself against this being used abusively to avoid buying a copy.

Let's hope that a session with CHAT as suggested by Dick Evans produces a workaround -- please let us know either way.


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