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problem Installing updating live

Could not update on laptop whole of last week.

started chat  in cafe from support. Gave access to my laptop. Tech went through the same things I had done. No success. Told her so. Told her alos I had five minutes in cafe. She just went into my computer programs and deleted some things. Asked her what she deleted but declined to tell me. Told her I am an advanced user. So I stopped the access. Seems like she wanted  quick fix solution. Very unfortunate. So if I need these programs if I am not using Norton there will be a problem. Support seems to be from India. I am in Africa. presumptION  ia that we in Africa don't know much. Was so disappointed. Next day someone from USA called me and hang up afrter 1 minute. So whats going on

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Re: problem Installing updating live


Did you contact the official Norton Support? www.norton.com/contactcs  Did you try using the Norton Remove and Reinstall Tool in advance mode so that it would remove your Norton program ? After doing that, restart your computer. Install Norton again from your Norton Account. At this point, you would have to run Live Update until it shows  you have all updates. You would have to restart once more.

Are you saying that you haven't updated your Norton product now for over a week? Do you have Automatic Update turned on? Does your computer show the correct time? Is there any sign of malware on your computer? After reinstalling your Norton program, you still can't run Live Update. Do you have any other Live Security program installed?

I would run the free version of Malwarebytes to see if it finds any malware. If it finds any, let Malwarebytes remove it. First save a copy of the error log for us to see. After doing this, I would give Norton Support another try. Chances are that you would get another Agent to try and fix your Norton program. They would need to access your computer so they can see if there is anything that could be blocking Norton from working correctly. They should tell you what they want to delete before they do it..

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Sorry for the long post.

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