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This forum thread needs a solution.

Problem with my download insight tech


i have a problem with my download insight ... my download insight doesn't block Poor Risks 

i see that in many tests... it jost have a problem with Poor Risks ! 

and you should now i changed default settings... 

Settings > Antivirus > SONAR : Aggressive

Settings > Remove Risks : Always

Settings > Antivirus > Scan and Risks > Heuiristic protection : Aggressive

Settings > Firewall > Advanced Program Control > Low Risk App : Alert always

Settings > Firewall > Advanced Program .............> Block Traffic for Malicious App : Aggressive

Settings > Administrative Settings > Handles : On  ( i should tell you i dont know what is Handles ! :D ) 

these up are my changes ... and i see in many test my download insight doesn't block or alert ( popup ) for Poor Risks.



Re: Problem with my download insight tech

See if these Sonar settings are both set to Always.

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

Re: Problem with my download insight tech

Download Insight is a completely separate feature from SONAR, Auto-Protect, and heuristics.  It uses reputation scores to determine whether a download may be a potential threat.  What sorts of "poor risks" are you seeing?

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