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This forum thread needs a solution.

Problems with NOBU on MacBook Yosemite

I'm having problems setting up the current version of this on two MacBooks.  I've also installed it on a Win10 64-bit PC and it works fine on that.

1.  On the first Mac, I downloaded and installed the install package and it installed fine.  However

- In Settings on the What page I've unchecked all the file types (because I don't know what they include and anyway I have some v. large VM images under my Documents folder which I don't want backed up online).

- If I click Add Folders, all I get is a pop-up message saying "You can only browse for files and folders when you are on that computer ..."

Well, that dialog is showing in the default browser (FireFox) which is running on the computer that has the files.  I can't get past that pop-up, so how DO I add any folders?

Fwiw, I have added a custom rule which seems to do what I want, in terms of which files to back up, but I don't think I should have to do this.

This is version of NOBU.

2.  The second Mac has a stranger problem.  I prepared it by taking a Time Machine back-up on the first Mac, then used the Mac Migration Assistant utility to transfer everything in the TM backup onto  the second one.

That resulted in the NOBU icon appearing in whatever you call the menu-strip across the top of the screen.  Then

a)  I click that and click "Home" from the pull-down menu.  That opens up the page headed "Norton Online Backup" in Safari. 

b) I click "Add Computer" and that takes me to the page "Download Norton Online Backup".  I tick the Ts&Cs box and follow the instructions and run the install package.  That proceeds and tells me that NOBU has been successfully installed.

c)  So I go back the "Home" menu entry and r re-opens Safari on the same page as in step a).  There's no sign of the second Mac in the list of machines, just the WinPC and the first Mac, so I click "Add Computer" and that just takes me back  to the same "Download Norton Online Backup" as in step b).  Arrgh!

So, how do I ACTUALLY add the second Mac to the list of machines to be backed up?



Re: Problems with NOBU on MacBook Yosemite

I think I have found an answer to my point 2.

The first Mac was called 'MAMac'.  Using the Migration Assistant gave the second Mac the name (that you see in System Preferences |  Sharing)  'MAMac(1)'.  I am not sure if this naming is involved in the problem.  Anyway I changed the Computer Name (not the local name that you get to via the Edit... button) to something else.

Continuing to try to add the second Mac to the NOBU list of machines, I somehow stumbled upon an option to uninstall NOBU from it.  I did that, then ran the installer again and Presto,  the Mac appears in the list of machines that can be backed up.  I'm just testing it on a folder that contains 3 files totaling 300k in size that I've added via a custom rule.  It's allegedly backing them up, though it's been displaying 'Storage Calculation in Progress' for the last hour or so, which seems glacially slow to me but maybe it'll get there in the end.  If not, I'll be back.

Anyway, I'd still like an answer to my first point, about adding files and folders using the buttons on the 'What' tab, if anyone could provide one.

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