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This forum thread needs a solution.

Problems with Norton Security Suite and Virtualbox


I have a Win 10 box that is running Virtualbox.  I had two clients installed.  

The clients could get to Internet fine, talk back / forth with each other and other physical PCs on the network.  

However, I installed Norton Security Suite and now, no one can talk to the two clients and the two clients can't talk to anyone.  

My first thought was that Norton's firewall was blocking Virtualbox, but it looks like it's allowed, but wondered if there's something more going on?  

I did some searches, looks like this has happened with others, but not finding any replies / solutions.  

Hopefully I'll have good luck.


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Re: Problems with Norton Security Suite and Virtualbox

I had a similar problem with a home network linking a wired PC and a wifi laptop.  I solved my problem by creating a new traffic rule and moving it to the top of the rules and setting it to 'Active' and  'Allow': "Direction: in/Out, Computer: Specific, Communications: any, Protocol: TCP and UDP".  In the 'Computers' section of the rule I inserted a range of IP addresses which my ISP prescribed, for me that's xxx.xxx.x.1 to xxx.xxx.x.249.   

I discovered that my wifi laptop was changing its IP address daily ( it seems all wifi computers will do this, wired devices may do it weekly, but usually select the same IP as before) and setting the range my ISP's IPs allowed the flexibility needed as the laptop will only operate within this ISP's prescribed range. I have had no network problems since.  I use Netgear's 'Genie' freeware and this helped me to identify the problem area as the old Laptop IP address showed as greyed, but the new, live IP address showed as active (although without the traffic rule I created, it was being blocked by the wired PC).  The absence of a network map in Norton is a weakness.

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