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This forum thread needs a solution.

product key

When I enter what I think is a j, key is rejected. Where there is a period over the top of the j, there is a half bar on the hook side. What is my problem. Help.

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Re: product key

Hi johnjboa,

Norton Product Keys are usually in capital letters, so "j" should be "J". 

In order to better understand your problem, could you please post that letter only - copy and paste it in your reply?

For instance, this is a letter I copied and pasted from my product key: B

Look forward to hearing back from you.

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Re: product key

Hi johnboa,

Just wanted to add, I have never seen a  " , " (comma) in a Product Key. 

Also here's some more information on the Product Key and locating it.  The video supplies 3 different scenarios and that info may assist you in getting the correct Product Key for your situation.


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