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Product Key not activated by merchant

I purchased Norton Security Deluxe from what seemed like a reputable eBay seller.  I received the retail box with card enclosed containing the product key code.  It seems to be an official product.  When I enter the product key to start my subscription, it gives a System Error.  I called Norton to see if they could help.  They told me the product key I entered was not activated by the merchant.  After a couple attempts at reaching the eBay seller, I have not received a reply.  I am beginning to believe I may be out the money I paid.  I do have the original box with the bar code and various numbers printed on it.  Is there any way of activating a product code key if it was not activated by the seller? 



Re: Product Key not activated by merchant

Hello GS1

It is not recommended to buy computer programs from eBay. Most of the time the keys are sold over and over again or they run out sooner than they should or you can only activate 1 computer when it should be good for 5. All kinds of issues show up.

Did you contact the Official Norton Customer Support? They should be able to tell you if the key is an official one that is still good and unused.



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Re: Product Key not activated by merchant

Sounds like someone may be selling shoplifted products on eBay.

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