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This forum thread needs a solution.

Pushlommy.com and Pushame.com Notifications

 “On August 23, 2018, when I turned my system on I had notifications from pushlommy.com & pushame.com saying that they "had been updated in the background", "your system is damaged! Click to fix errors & cleanup the OS", & "Google Chrome found (2) viruses! Click here to fix it immediately!". There's also A LOT of ads in the notifications. The last couple days I've been getting notifications in reference to people's pictures. Obviously, I've not clicked on any of these. I have also noticed that sync is paused in the Chrome settings & it tells me to sign in to resume sync. I did not see anything in the “This PC>Downloads” folder that was downloaded around last Thursday. It is listed on malwares.com“. A scheduled Norton Security Deluxe 2017 full system virus scan was ran yesterday morning and nothing was detected. While looking at my installed apps in the settings I noticed that several of the original programs, (MS Solitaire Collection, which I’ve played since I’ve had this computer, shows as being installed on 8/27/2018. There’s no listing for date installed or modified in the “Settings MS Solitaire Collection” window. The next app that I’ve used since I got the system in the list’s “Calculator MS Corporation” being installed on 8/21/2018. I did not see any duplicate programs. I am running Windows 10 on a HP 750-114 64-bit system. HELPPPP!!!!” When I posted on CNET, the only “helpful” information I got was how to turn the notifications off in Chrome. No one addressed the issue of possible malware/adware. When this happened, I was running “Norton Security Deluxe”. I installed Norton Security Deluxe 2018 on 10/02/18. I’ve not set up scheduled scans using 2018 yet because of these issues. And, HP is wanting me to run a “HP PC Hardware Diagnostics”. It is also important to note that I’ve not seen any of the notifications in several days. And, they are not showing in the “notifications” area at this time. I ran a full system virus scan & the Norton Power Eraser. There were no threats found in the “589,738 total items scanned” during the full system scan. I have the Norton Power Eraser log. When I ran the Norton Power Eraser originally I somehow to a screen with two items listed. Unfortunately, once I completely deleted the original log from the desktop,  uninstalled “NPE.exe”, reinstalled NPE & ran it, I cannot get to the screen that listed them in NPE. The files that were listed in the original NPE scan were “ hp support assistant pr…”. When I hover over this “c:\windows\system32\tasks\hewlett-packard\hp support assistant\hp support assistant printer driver installation”. The other was“ium-fle24ca0-b63e-4f…”. When I hover over this “c:\windows\system32\tasks\ium-fle24ca0-b63e-4f13-4ade3bff3473”.  Both logs open in MS Edge. I have saved them as text documents and attached them to this post.

My main concern is filing my taxes with possible malware/adware on the system.

Thank you!

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Re: Pushlommy.com and Pushame.com Notifications

Hi KimyBrown,

Please contact Norton support.

It looks like you have some potentially unwanted applications on the system. But it would be best to have a support agent review your system to be certain.

Thank You,


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