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How does norton prevent spybots from stealing keystrokes when the identity safe vault password is entered?



Re: Question

Hi, broyer33. The answer is yes, and has done for quite some time. See this quote from a 2010 thread.


Norton IdentitySafe offers one-click log-ins and automatic form filling to prevent key loggers from stealing your information as you type.

So this means that when you enter sensitive information like passwords and/or credit card information into your browser when, for example, shopping, then Norton Identity Safe encrypts this information to prevent it from being read. 

Windows 10 Home X 64

Re: Question

If I told you that I'd have to be sure you were never, NEVER, able to tell another living sole the answer.

Just accept that your protection is active as you boot the system and anything you do after that is monitored.

PS: they won't even tell me that secret


Dick Win 10x64 current current NSBU

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