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Question about CSV file

I exported my IDSafe to a CSV file and wonder about editing it.

I loaded it into Excel and notice a few of my URL data fields (first field) seems to be greater than the 255 column width that Excel allows. I notice that if I open it and than save it, it must see this as the resulting file is 19k from the original 37k.

Any ideas?

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Re: Question about CSV file


What you are seeing is the effect of data compression introduced by Excel when saving a file which has been opened using that program.  It is not unique to an ID Safe CSV file.

For example, if I open a 46KB .csv file in Excel and then save it back unedited as a .csv file, the resulting size is 23 KB.  When saved as an Excel worksheet (xlsx) the file size is even smaller coming in at 20KB.

If you want to preserve the file size, open the .csv file in notepad and when your editing is complete, save it as 'filename.csv'.  Note that you will have to add the .csv as part of the file name as notepad will not offer that option.

When I open my 46KB .csv file in notepad and follow the above procedure to save it as a .csv, the file size remains the same.

Of course using Excel is a bit easier than using notepad and you may not experience a problem editing your ID Safe data this way.  Just be sure not to overwrite your original .csv file when saving. You may need the original in case a problem arises with your edited file.

Hope that helps.

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Re: Question about CSV file

Thank You. I was going to add a blank line in Notepad++ and go that way. I had thought that I needed to add a few columns but will try without doing it. I still say that Excel has a 255 character per cell limit and I have some URL's that are greater than that!

I will not overwrite the original csv, but I can always export it again as my IDSafe is still OK on Chrome etc.

If it ain't broke, fix it 'til it is!

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