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A Question about Norton Auto Fix

Happy Holidays everyone!

I've had this happen in the past two version of Norton, but when running Autofix and installation fix is a success-what exactly is it fixing and why?



Re: A Question about Norton Auto Fix

Hi Jimbo40,

Are you using NIS or NS?
I am no longer using NIS from about 1.5 months.
NS to me shows what has been fixed, maybe not everything, I think Symantec is working to improve this feature.

Happy Holidays to you too


Re: A Question about Norton Auto Fix

NS with BU. The only option is to copy to clipboard which only says installation success. Have already done the uninstall reinstall routine.

Re: A Question about Norton Auto Fix

I had started a threat re: Autofix on NS. How did you uninstalled and reinstalled NS?
To do this, it is required to use NRnR (Norton Removal and Reinstall Tool).
Keep us updated.



Re: A Question about Norton Auto Fix

Yep-been doing it for many years;

1) Add/ remove programs

2) NRnr several times

3) CCleaner to clean registry entries

4) Fresh download and install


Re: A Question about Norton Auto Fix

Hi Jimbo40, sorry for the interruption, but there is a big difference between running the Norton Remove and Reinstall Tool (that Sandro suggested) and the manual uninstall (add/remove programs), running the Norton Removal Tool (no longer necessary to run it more than once) - of course the CCleaner is your option. but I never remove Registry entries as part of the procedure.

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Re: A Question about Norton Auto Fix

Hello Jimbo40

Please don't confuse NRT with NRnR. If you are using NRnR, there is no need for a fresh download at the end. If you are going to clean the registry---be very careful with any registry cleaner and make sure that you have backed up the registry, hopefully, it is a clean registry.

To try and answer your question, I found this entry in the product manual

Solving problems with Norton Autofix

w Your device must be connected to the Internet to resolve

issues using Norton Autofix.

Norton Autofix provides additional product support with

one-click access from the Norton Security main window.

It performs a Quick Scan of your computer and repairs

problems without your intervention. If the problem

persists, you can use the Open Support Web Site

option to go to the Norton Support website for help using

our online forum, chat, email, or telephone.

In addition, the Norton Support website provides access

to the knowledge base articles. These articles can help

you resolve your technical problems.

The support technicians can help you solve more

complex problems by using remote-assistance

technology. The remote-assistance technology allows

Symantec support technicians to access your computer

as remote users so that they can perform maintenance

or service.

You can find this on page 324. This is from the NS manual.  Since you have NSBU, I don't know if it will be found on the same page. You must have an internet connection that works for that process to work. The WHY? part of the question is because you suspected that you had some sort of a problem and the easiest way of trying to get it fixed is to click on autofix and have the program fix the problem....

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Re: A Question about Norton Auto Fix

The Autofix showing Installation Fix has been going on for some time. At one time, I thought they had that fixed on NIS.

It does not really indicate a problem with your installation. IMHO it is probably more of a misworded message about having checked your installation. You can reinstall all day long and it will probably not change.

One thing that might help is to try clearing all Windows temp files. Then find the Windows/Prefetch folder and delete all the files in that folder. These files help Windows load programs quickly. They will be recreated when Windows is restarted.

Run LiveUpdate manually a few times, rebooting as necessary, until no updates are available.

Restart the computer once more. The first restarts may take a little longer as the Prefetch files are recreated.

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

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