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This forum thread needs a solution.

Quick and long scan is not working

I have attention message now saying I need to do a scan for my computer but for some reason it's not allowing me too. I can scan files individually, I can do live-update and such fine but if I go to scans part of Norton and click quick or long scan it won't scan at all. I even try 'fix now' but it just say not complete. 

I'm using Norton Security with Backup Version 22.1.09 - I also check to see if my product is up to date and it say it is. 



Re: Quick and long scan is not working

It appears to be working again but I restart my computer two times before it deiced to work again. I had problem  before  with Norton 360 where the scan deiced to stop working after while even though this was first thing.

I don't know how to delete this thread either.  But I do want to know what happen because it shouldn't be the case. I just turn on  my computer it wasn't working and the second time I restarted it works. 


Re: Quick and long scan is not working

Hello Catz

If you are using Win 8/8.1, Norton and many other programs needs to have Fast Startup disabled so that the computer can shutdown completely before it is restarted. If you shutdown your computer for any amount of time, then it would be a good idea to run a manual Live Update to make sure you have all the latest updates that would have come down automatically if your computer was on.

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Re: Quick and long scan is not working

Hi Catz, 

The problem you reported seem to confirm that you could be running Windows 8/8.1, as suggested by floplot.

If you decide to disable the Fast Startup, here is how to do it:


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