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This forum thread needs a solution.

Ransomeware Auto-Loading.trjn

Have Windows 10 and this am chrome browser displaying dialog box for ransomeware from healthchecker247.com saying hard drive will be deleted. It claims viral infection is Auto-Loading.trjn 

how do I remove it?



Re: Ransomeware Auto-Loading.trjn

hi Jayxdee

You are best to try one of the sites listed in the thread linked below:


Choose one of the sites register and post your problem where a trained experienced volunteer will assist you, you may wish to do this as quickly as possible as there is often some sort of time limit with ransomware.

Please let us know how you get on.



Re: Ransomeware Auto-Loading.trjn

I will add, DO NOT plug in any external drives until your system is clean as you may find files on the external drive will also become infected.

A little bit of knowledge is... well a little bit of knowledge.

Re: Ransomeware Auto-Loading.trjn

If you only see that warning when you open Chrome, it is highly doubtful you have actual Ransomeware on your system. Something may be holding your Chrome hostage, but it is not true Ransomeware. More than likely it's a scam to make you believe that you have ransomeware and to get you to pay healthchecker247.com to remove it. This can result from a compromised browser, something that actually has been injected into your system, but most likely is from a compromised website or ad or a browser hijack. healthchecker247.com was registered as a domain on 11/5/15, a sure sign of a scam. The Owner of the domain owns 44 others-check out the list-scam artist supreme:  http://domainbigdata.com/name/frank%20verma

I only say this to put you a bit at ease. BUT you should definitely check it out as advised.

Try a full scan with HitmanPro-free, a full scan with Malwarebytes Anti-Malware free trial on demand scan-DO NOT elect to enable Premium as that is a real time scanner. While it is unlikely to conflict with NS purists advise against it. These non-NS scanners will catch PUPs and Browser Hijackers,among other things. Respecting HitmanPro free, I believe that it can actually be used to remove malware for the first 10-30 days. After that it will only detect and the only things it will remove w/o a subscription is Tracking Cookies.

I am not intimately familiar with Chrome, but unless it has stored lots of pws you might try a full uninstall. The Iobit free uninstaller will do a good job at thorough cleaning. Easy for me to say this because I use FireFox and Moz Back Up will restore everything, e.g. extensions, pws,bookmarks. I would choose a restore point I created prior to the problem appearing. That's only one of a multitude of reasons I am not currently using my NS now cuz of the Toolbar Issue which on my system for some reason doesn't even install the safe browsing features on Win 8.1. Dunno if Windows System Restore would help. Love my FireFox, as do 13.9% of internet surfers :-). PC Mag Online recently reviewed it with the title "Why FireFox Is (Still) The Best Browser In The World." It's an Editor's Choice. Sorry Mr Symantec. Love my FireFox more than you :-) But looking forward to the day I can reinstall NS.

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