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Re-install NOBU but thinks it's a new computer

In an attempt to fix mysterious firewall errors I'm having, I re-installed NOBU on this computer.  Now when I log in to my NOBU account, it shows two computers with the same name as well as a third with a different name (that one is correct).  It doesn't seem to recognize this as the same one.  If it attempts a full backup of this computer, it's never going to have enough room.  I also don't want it to completely start all over again with a full backup which will take mega-hours.  How do I get NOBU to recognize this as the same computer it already has just a new installation of the client software?

Windows Vista Home Premium (with all updates)

NOBU current version

NIS 2012 current version



Re: Re-install NOBU but thinks it's a new computer

As far as we've been able to determine in online chat with Symantec, you cannot fix this.  They tell me I shouldn't have added a new computer when I reinstalled the client software but I can't figure out any other way to do that. 

Therefore, word of warning...do NOT reinstall NOBU on an existing computer unless you get very precise instructions from Symantec. 

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