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Re-setting Backup after re-installing Windows 10

I have divided my hard drive so the C drive holds the operating system and programmes whilst the F drive holds all data.

I used Norton to backup both drives to my removable hard drive.

I have had to re-instal Windows 10, which I did whilst retaining my data however I did need to re-instal all of my programmes, including Norton.

As a result my backup settings are now lost.  How do I recover those settings so that backup runs using the same storage location on my removable hard drive.  If I cannot do this then the backup drive will then hold the original backup plus the backup run after the re-installation of Windows 10.

Another problem was that I have a programme which uses three old DLL files.  When I re-installed this programme these DLL files were missing so the programme could not run.  I attempted to copy over the backup version of the programme but this did not work.

Whilst I was able to obtain the DLL files from the internet I am not sure why I could not get them from the Norton backup files.

Labels: Backup