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Re: Stopping a full scan

Hi :-)

On occasion I will run a full NS scan while doing other things on my PC. The scanning does not noticeably slow down my PC and it remains fully functional to do other things at the same time with no noticeable slowdown.

On occasion, however, I will hear my fan go into High Speed mode, which it never does while doing anything else including intensive gaming. I check Task Manager and sometimes see DISC at 100%, though I assume this can be normal during parts of a scan, my luck with bad PCs has been so bad lately that I get nervous and stop the scan. When I run my next full scan by itself, it ends very quickly.

Does the second full scan start at the point where I stopped the first attempted full scan?



Re: Re: Stopping a full scan

Hello hok

Each new full scan should have to scan less files unless you have added a lot of files since the last scan. As far as finishing the scan after you stopped it in the middle, it depends I think on how long of a time period between scans. Also if you are doing other things while the full scan is going on, I think that will slow it down also.. I set my weekly full scans at night while I am asleep. That way nothing really should interrupt it.

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