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This forum thread needs a solution.
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red x safe web protection compulsory?

Dear Norton (Community)

Has anybody been able to fix the issue mentioned in:



I have contacted support via chat twice

- first one suggested reinstall ... did that ... and after 4 days the red-X returns

- second one said that by changing default browser .. it might help (yes) but not wanted ... so no solution

- second one also said that this behaviour is by default .. and then I left that conversation (it takes to long)

Also none of the above explained why at one point it did not nag, and now it nags.

I for one am going to say goodbye to Norton after 15 years.




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Re: red x safe web protection compulsory?

After reading many more topics that cover the same.

I am definitely not going to wait (end of November?) before Norton comes up with a fix.

I also - after reviewing many settings inside the NIS program - am lost as far as 'what data' is send to Norton for review / safe keeping. And what data is handled locally? There are so many similar options. I feel I have to close 6 doors in different locations before Norton handles the way I want it to. I mean I am fine with Norton sending a database over using liveupdate and doing the scanning and verifying locally ... just not over the internet.

My 2 pence why I do not want to instal safe-web.

- I do not like my (search)history & website pages I visit send over the internet to Norton to analyse. Yes, I can choose not to share data, and still the checkbox for 'permissions' says Norton can. So go figure. Where is my option to retract an unneeded permission (in Firefox)? God knows what else is going to happen to it? Is Norton going to mine it? Sell it like Google? I almost feel like a guinea pig.

My 2 pence why I do not want to instal safe-search.

- It comes with a 'facebook' button and then claims it does not share/use social media data. How wrong can you get it?

Signing off.

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