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Reformatted computer can't find backup files

I am running Windows 7 with IE11. I have been using Norton Online Backup with no apparent problems on the upload side. My computer was recently corrupted and had to be wiped clean and completely reloaded. When I attempt to restore all of my backed up files through the Norton Security window, it says there's never been a backup run and it can't find the backup titled "DefaultSet". If I go to the Norton website and log into my account, all of my backup files are there under that name. My computer just doesn't see them. I considered trying to "fool" my computer by running a new backup with the same name but my concern is if I run a backup now, I'll lose all the files that were previously backed up. Help!! I have backed up thousands of pictures and many documents that I don't need to lose. How can I get them back?



Re: Reformatted computer can't find backup files

I found the same thing when I clean installed Windows 10, no backup found on my external hard drive, good job I didn't rely on NBU 100% & had also saved my important documents/files.

The only thing you might try is to log into your Norton backup account & see if you can download the files from there.

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