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This forum thread needs a solution.
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Registry entries NAVENG NAVEX15 Imagepath Files Not Found

I executed SysInternals Autoruns utility. It indicates for NSBU registry keys:



The files pointed to in the respective ImagePath registry keys are not found. They are:

\??\C:\Program Files (x86)\Norton Security with Backup\NortonData\\Definitions\SDSDefs\20160614.002\ENG64.SYS

\??\C:\Program Files (x86)\Norton Security with Backup\NortonData\\Definitions\SDSDefs\20160614.002\EX64.SYS

Folder 20160614.002 does not exist in SDSDefs. There is a folder 20160615.002. However, it does not contain either ENG64.SYS or EX64.SYS. These files do not exist in any other folder in the SDSDefs folder. This problem appears to have occurred shortly after applying the patch released recently.

I am running Windows 7 x64 Home Edition SP1 using Norton Security at level. Please note that I am having the "Action Center" error reported by many as well. AFAICT, Norton Security is otherwise working correctly.

Downloading and executing the latest 64-bit virus definition set did not make a difference.

Should I be worried? Should these 2 registry keys be deleted? Any solution would be appreciated.


Tuxedo Will



Re: Registry entries NAVENG NAVEX15 Imagepath Files Not Found


For now the 22.7 version has been pulled. Norton is working on a solution for the Action Center issue. Your Norton product is still protecting your product. If you have to ask a question about the Registry, then you are not expert enough to start deleting keys from the registry on your own.

There are no Antivirus Definitions in 22.7. They have been replaced by SDS Definitions. They are something new. The Antivirus Definition folder should be empty by now if you have the 22.7 version. I couldn't tell you what should be in the Registry. Registry cleaning is a useless and dangerous process. That is why the Registry Cleaner was removed from the current Norton products.. It may be necessary when cleaning up some malware, but that is usually done by a safe program or expert malware removal person who does it using scripts.


Success always occurs in private and failure in full view. Windows 7 Pro 64 bit Norton Core Security Plus Core Firmware 282 I E 11 Chrome latest version.

Re: Registry entries NAVENG NAVEX15 Imagepath Files Not Found

I think i have the same problem, is it this ? Notification from Autoruns https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/sysinternals/bb963902 NAVENG File not found: C:\Program Files (x86)\Norton Security\NortonData\\Definitions\SDSDefs\20160629.001\ENG64.SYS NAVEX15 File not found: C:\Program Files (x86)\Norton Security\NortonData\\Definitions\SDSDefs\20160629.001\EX64.SYS The answer sounds satisfying if there would not be other strange issues (sorry for my English) very strange for instance is on nortons diagnostic scan -Rapport gegenereerd op: 2/08/2016 (22:17)- Virus- en spywarescan Laatste start: 8/01/2016 Beveiligingsupdates Laatste update: 2/08/2016 LOOK AT DATE OF LAST VIRUSSCAN, it is inpossible, everything is automatic and and regulary i do full scnan ect , it says securityupdates ok till yesterday, but the last scan started in januari ? WHAT CAN THIS MEAN? i did also notice bizar reactions on certain files, as if Norton lost its memory, it rapports for instance that the antimalwareengine of windows is used by 5 members of community, and more of those things i never noticed before in Norton, so am i really protected still, And do those two things from startupscan and diagnostic rapport of Norton there was no scan for months while thats impossible have to do with eachother? can both of one of it explain stange reactions of Norton i notice last time? I will check the same thing on my other pc (have two with same Norton product) and post here if the results are the same, hope that can make me understand maybe more. I still like Norton a lot and just found out this community even more happy about Norton, so for sure i keep Norton and the help is much more clear than any help of winsdows community of whatever , greetings from Belgium


Re: Registry entries NAVENG NAVEX15 Imagepath Files Not Found


It sounds like you have more than one issue with your Norton Product. I would suggest getting a fresh install. The easiest way to accomplish this is to use the Norton Removal and Removal Tool from     www.norton.com/nrnr

Be sure you read the before you begin section, and run LiveUpdate manually a few times, restarting as necessary, until no updates are available.

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

Re: Registry entries NAVENG NAVEX15 Imagepath Files Not Found

Hello Perterweb, thank you very much for your fast response, and i found out something pretty incredible about the problem, and want to share it here and hope it does not happen to many people considered that its only because i had time and was interested in computerproblems general and how windows 10 works ect......i did not find it before, nowere mentioned on windows help sites or whatever....In fact its a desaster from the windows operating system and has nothing to do with the Norton product but everything with the not compatibel behaviour of windows towards thirt party antivirus software......(sorry again for my english)

The solution showed itself (Norton has "noticed" being damaged and spontanously uninstalled itself and is now just reinstalling before i even could do it !) And i am so surprised about all this and very disapointed in windows really ...what happened?

The problem has two aspects that are very surprising, the first one considers windows defender. Normally windows defender should close downs when another antivirus is installed, and that is precisely what one sees seemingly happen, windows defender is not able to start and when one does it manually it says the program is not enabled and cannot start. This is ok ofcouse

But this does it seems not mean really that it does not do anyway something and prevents for some reason Norton to detect there is something wrong or files are missing or whatever....And most people use their computer without looking at at all logbooks or doing diagnostic scanning just for curiosity, so its not really visible if there is a problem.

Myself i noticed that defender was suddenly active about a month ago, when i turned off Norton for one hour installing a program i knew it was safe and Norton removed it each time even before i could unpack it (probabely there was something wrong already considered that Norton mentiones last scan from januari this year) i was able to turn of live protection of defender after this hour of Norton being switched off, but it swithched itself on each time as if Norton did not exist after that each time....i could not right away find out what to do or how to turn it off ....than i found suspecting this event trigered a problem, a message on helpforum how to switch of defender with on off registry files....those switched off the live protection and peaple seemed happy it worked but..the problem persists anyway ....this is the posting i found elsewere on this forum


so after reading your post i wanted first of all check the starup tool of windows on my other pc to see if there was somehting similar, and turn of defender with those registry files.....and now i come to my second aspect of a problem in windows especailly after the update to windows 10, and i suspect that little people know because i found nowwhere that i should check out the task library in logfiles ....i honestly never did and considered it pretty specialized and hard to handle thinking that program installing itself , especially windows updating, should just as other things update these settings.....i went there in fact looking for a way to switch defender totally off , and i noticed very surprised that most programs (even some windowsparts) but also Norton, had settings to funtion compatible with vista or server2008, while i updated my pc to windows 10. In other words all programs including Norton but also intel update for drivers and other rather inportant system process were considering my os as being vista or server 2008, and i suppose that some things do not really do what they should do on windows 10 that way, or am i wrong? Did you ever find this mentioned somewhere when people complained some things did not work well after the update?. i did not so imagine my surprise that those system task were still on settings of vista, not sure if that is a problem of my pc hp or a general thing, will check it.

But back to the Norton defender thing: i did not just swith the defender off with the regfiles, suspecting that still something did not work well and finding similar things in the scan of startup about specifically Norton.(my two pcs are connected in homegroup, workgroup and working on one influenced also defender on the other on top) even if the problems there were less severe still Norton had its information from "cache" was mentioned so possibly was not up to date, while updates were going normally

In the task library i saw that defender was just partially swithched off after installing the regfiles (hope its not because i did not restart first but ok still) ,; so i switched off there all sceduled tasks and left just the updates on.

And while doing this the magical thing happened by itself ! Norton spontanously 'noticed" it should uninstall itself and reinstall and so it happened by itself after i turned off defender in the task library and was just changing all settings from windows vista to windows 10

Sorry i made such a long story here in bad english, but i hope this will bring more people on the idea to check out the task library,after updating to windows 10, and to check if defender is really turned off, or did not switch half on while Norton was shortly disabled or reinstalled (for instance when i changed product swiching from two time one pc Norton to the same Norton for 5 pcs), while doing that Norton was disabled too a short time ofcourse, it seems once defender has woken up its not evident that it goes again to sleep after Norton runs again ....

Any correntions or further remarks are still very welcome, and i hope that my long story was able to help some people or to point a problem i just found out after months without a was aware. Also thanks for the tip when reinstalling Norton i should use the uninstall tool because i did not know that and the change before to other Norton product did cause me some effort to find a way, possibly i did not use this tool and because of that something went wrong, no idea , i do not remember for sure but will keep the uninstall tool in mind , much kind greets from Belgium, Monika

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