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This forum thread needs a solution.

Regularly same malware

Without visiting a website or any other specific activity, I get a message that Norton is processing a threat. It is Heur.AdvML.B. This happens fairly regularly. The file is then normally a temp file (e.g. tmp0000bf70 in a sub-folder of a Windows temp directory). What can be the cause? I would have assumed if it came from an earlier internet session that Norton would have blocked it when visiting a site. But now it just turns up at random moments without any internet activity at that point in time.

Any suggestions how to find where this can be coming from?


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Re: Regularly same malware

Firstly, please do NOT try any 'quick fixes' or to solve this yourself.

It sounds like it's time to sign up for assistance from one of the free malware removal sites.  Please pick one and stay with them until your system is clean.


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Re: Regularly same malware

Hello mark-e Since this is a "generally" heuristics detection and is leaving a temporary file there is more than likely a registry entry allowing it to reappear. I have included a link to one of our Norton suggestions for removal and remediation. One suggestion in the article is running NPE from within your Norton dashboard. Please note: It is highly advisable that this be utilized with extreme caution as false positive detections may occur. That being said, my experiences with NPE have always removed what I was trying to remediate also showing where the bad file resided, what portion of the OS was targeted and sometimes where downloaded. All without issue. There are also links to submit this file to Norton for review as a possible false positive. Good luck.


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