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Reinstallation of Windows - Norton Backup

Hi there,

I have 25GB of online space with my Norton 360 Premiere product.

I did a massive backup, but I was required to do a clean install of Windows 8 due to experiencing issues with the OS.

Last night I did a backup of a folder I had backed up previously and found out this morning that the old backed up folder was not 'updated' - instead I have a BackUpSet from Honey (my previous backup) and BackUpSet from this computer - which is the exact same computer. The issue is that I have a rather large folder previously backed up, and doing a new backup of this folder simply will copy it again to Norton Online Backup which is not what I want to happen. I want it to use the existing folder in 'BackUpSet from Honey'. Likewise with everything else I back up.

Everything is stored on my D drive, with the OS on C drive - and this was the same set-up prior to reinstalling Windows 8.

How do I go about ensuring this happens?



Re: Reinstallation of Windows - Norton Backup

Hello Stevie,

Technically they aren't the same computer any longer. You referenced you reinstalled Windows from the time you last ran a backup. Since you had to re-setup the backup, after the fresh re-install, it created a new backup set to go with it.

The best thing to do is let a couple of solid backups complete on the new profile. Once done you can safely purge the old data but only after making sure you don't need it. If space isn't an issue you can leave it alone too.


Re: Reinstallation of Windows - Norton Backup

I'm sorry, but that needs to change.

I did not spend one whole week backing up a folder 20GB in size only to find out that had I been required to restore it onto a computer, and I wished to continue to back it up, I would need to transfer the whole thing again.

I'm only given 60GB a month, and when I did the initial backup I had to ask my ISP to give me 20GB of extra data for that month as a one-off.


Re: Reinstallation of Windows - Norton Backup

I'll pass along the comments to the dev team but its unlikely to differ. Especially considering, in a lot of cases, there are data location variations that can result in issues reconnecting to the old data set. 

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